Nowadays, students are so busy compiling their projects and assessment, so they need time to restrain and boost their power. Since there is a fuss in the academics and it is hard for each student to excel in studies so, it is an advantage to be a part of any extracurricular activity. It will not only help you to reduce your stress but can also help you to develop yourself as a successful athlete. Therefore, it is necessary to have sports facilities in college. JKK Munirajah College of Technology,T.N.Palayam is one of the most popular colleges known for its Sports facilities.

Faculty of Sports Department:

Mr.P.Murugesan M.Com.,B.Ed.,B.PEd.,BLIS.,

Physical Director

Mr.S.Selvaraj-Track Marker

Importance of Sports in College:

1. Active Students
2. Hosting Sports events
3. Attracts students and visitors
4. Improve the Academic performance
5. Skills Development

Available Outdoor Games Facility

  Basket Ball
  Foot Ball
  Volley Ball
  Ball Badminton
  Throw ball(Girls)

Available Indoor Games Facility


Available Atheletics

  400 Meters Track

Play Ground Facilities

The College is play ground facility on 24 x 7 for hostel students and during games hour.